SafeLock® fall arrest devices
Fall arrest devices secure the load against falling with a safety rope.
SafeLock® AT3
Anti Tilt fall arrest device
This fall arrest device is opened by the loaded lifting rope and secures against:
a) Rupture of the lifting rope,
b) Failure of the hoist,
c) Interlocking/becoming caught during downward travel with the result that the lifting rope is no longer under tension, d) Inclined position of more than the maximum admissible 8°

SafeLock® SL3
Speed limit fall arrest device
This fall arrest device mode is released manually. The speed of the safety rope is constantly monitored and the clamping mechanism closed automatically in the event of a sudden occurrence of excessives peed. As a result, the suspended access equipment is secured against:
a) Rupture of the lifting rope
b) Failure of the hoist
c) Over speed

SafeLock® MB3
Mechanical Brake fall arrest device
The safety device consists of a brake mechanism formed by a pair of self-clamping jaws pressedagainst each other by a powerful spring and enclosed casing. This fall arrest device is designed only for MPseries platform.

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